Turnkey Manufacturing

Services Offerred

TurnkeySolutionsNow.com specializes in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS ) and have a leadership role. We offer complete design, engineering, and manufacturing services to aerospace, automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEM customers. We are on the West coast of the United States . We help our Local and Global customers design, build, ship, and service electronics products worldwide by combining the advantages of a vertically integrated service offering with the benefits of a global, low-cost manufacturing base. We enable customers to optimize supply chain operations, accelerate time to market and time to volume, and reduce capital investments and production costs.

  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Conventional Thru-Hole
  • Consignment or Turnkey
  • Prototype to Production
  • Chip On Board or COB, Chip On Flex or COF, Plated Thru – Hole Technology or PTH and IC Assembly Ball Grid Array or BGA , micro Ball Grid Array or u BGA
  • Flip Chip Attach or FCA
  • Wafer Thinning, Sawing, Inspection
  • Die Attach by Epoxy or Eutectic
  • Wire Bonding by Aluminum Wedge, Gold Wedge, Gold Ball
  • Wire Bond Pull, Die Shear and Die Encapsulation
  • Ceramic Packages, Side Brazed, LCC, J-Bend, SOIC, PGA, Flat Pack, Cerquad, TO-Header, Cerdip, Leaded Chip Carrier
  • Turnkey and Consigned Assembly offering Design for Manufacturability or DFM , Material Logistics or MRP and Capacity Planning or CRP
  • Low to High Volume
  • 24 Hour, 2-3 Days Quick Turn Services
  • BGA, FPGA, Fine Pitch Components
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Mixed Technology
  • Proto-Types
  • Quick Turn
  • Turnkey Solutions

We also offer Testing in:

  • Flying Probe
  • Functional Test
  • Debug
  • Full System Test
  • RF Test
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Production Test
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • X-Ray BGA
  • ESS Test
  • Cable Scan Test

We can also offer Contract Manufacturing Services in the following:

  • Sheet metal Box Build
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Automotive wiring harness
  • Wire harness
  • Electrical wiring harness
  • Electric motor wiring diagram
  • Motor repair
  • Power supply manufacturing
  • Circuit board repair
  • Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

We are a leader in high-density, multilayer printed circuit board manufacturing. Our sources manufacture printed circuit boards on a low-volume, quick-turn basis, as well as on a high-volume, production basis. We support the concept of accelerated transition from prototype to volume production. Our Sources have printed circuit board fabrication service capabilities in United States and Asia.

Systems Assembly and Manufacturing

We believe just-in-time, ship-to-stock, and ship-to-line programs, continuous flow manufacturing, demand flow processes, and statistical process controls. As OEMs seek to provide greater functionality in smaller products, they increasingly require more sophisticated manufacturing technologies and processes. By investing in advanced manufacturing equipment and innovative miniaturization, packaging, and interconnect technologies, we can offer a variety of advanced manufacturing solutions.

We offer a comprehensive set of custom electronic enclosures and related products. These services focus on functionality, manufacturability, and testing. They are integrated with other assembly and manufacturing services to provide customers with greater responsiveness, improved logistics, and overall improved supply chain management.

We benefit from inventory management expertise and volume procurement capabilities, which contribute to cost reductions and reduce total cycle time. Through a manufacturing resources planning system we strive for real-time visibility on material availability and real-time tracking of work in process. Electronic data interchange allows customers to share demand and product forecasts and deliver purchase orders while also assisting suppliers with just-in-time delivery and supplier-managed inventory.